Thursday, 3 March 2016

Harry Potter World!

So! I recently went through the pictures on my camera and I came across two major events that I thought, despite not being recent, I’d share with you. This post will about my visit to the Harry Potter World Studio Tour in London. Now, I may not be what some people call a Potterhead, but J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is one of my favourites and going to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour was a lot of fun! Want to see what I got up to? Keep reading…

I went to this magical place with one of my closest friends, Sam, and I met her at Clapham Junction train station. She’s only recently jumped aboard the Potter wagon so at the time, she was nowhere near as excited as I was, but I could tell that that day would begin the beautiful relationship existing between her and the Harry Potter franchise. Anyway! For some reason, we both assumed we knew London well enough and so didn’t plan the journey very well so it took a few confusing train journeys and consulting with strangers to finally arrive at Watford Junction where the shuttle bus that would take us to the studio awaited.

For some silly reason unbeknown to be at the minute, I forgot to take pictures of the inside of the bus apart from seats.

As you can tell by the picture above the previous one, it was a double-decker bus, and I can’t remember much of it (which is worrying considering I went only three years ago) but I do remember us sitting upstairs and there being a small TV at the front explaining what awaited us at the studio. If there is anything I do remember of that bus journey, it was the excitement that practically fizzed in the bus. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, and once you are, there’s no going back, you’ll understand that this was an exciting trip.

Once we arrived… I think it has reached a point where I can only explain in pictures.

As soon as you stepped through the entrance doors there are the hand imprints of Hermoine, Harry, and Ron. Guess who's belong to whom!

The main, general area bit:

Ahh... Severus Snape - my favourite Harry Potter character!

Look familiar? (It will if you've watched the films. If it doesn't look familiar to you...go and watch the films.)
We were then taken into the great hall!

Next we got to look at a few familiar pieces...

We were led to another section of the studio: the 'outside' of Hogwarts.

Because Sam and I went during Winter, it was Hogwarts in the snow! (There was a fake snow machine but I forgot to take a picture of that as well!)

Then we really were taken outside!

And the last leg of the tour? The souvenir shop:

I think it's fair to say I had a wonderful time.

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