Friday, 27 May 2016

My favourites PART TWO!

I'm back!

I have returned to finish off my favourites blog post where I tell you a few of my favourite things in a bid to get to know me better. I think I left off on strawberry jam…

So, here’s another thing I make – chocolate!

Okay, granted I only made it once, but it wasn’t bad for chocolate with only three ingredients in it: cocoa powder, honey and coconut oil. I can't remember how you make it exactly, but I remember some freezing going on. I'm guessing, mix all the ingredients together and then freeze?

That leads me nicely onto my favourite thing of all time – chocolate. I LOVE chocolate! Eating a bar makes me so happy, it really does. I can't even elaborately describe how much I love this tasty treat. I just...I just like chocolate, okay? 

I use to have a big bar of chocolate every day, but upon realising that probably wasn’t the best way to live, I reduced my intake significantly. However, the amount of chocolate I eat now, after the reduction, can still be considered too much. Once, I ate all of these in one sitting.

Baby steps…

Now, taking this into account, will it surprise you to know that I’m not a fan of chocolate ice-cream or chocolate sauce? It usually does surprise people! I like chocolate, chocolate cookies, melted chocolate, brownies and chocolate cake, but chocolate ice-cream and sauce? No, thank you! I thought this was very strange until my friend told me that she hates coffee, but loves tiramisu and coffee ice-cream! I’m not looking so weird now, am I? I am? Oh.

Every day for breakfast, I used to have a bowl of Cheerios. I think I went three days straight eating Cheerios for breakfast, lunch and dinner; I was obsessed. I’m over it now, but I feel my love for the cereal needed to be mentioned because it was a love so strong. I couldn’t leave the supermarket without a box, and if it was half price? Well then, I couldn’t leave without a few.

I adore homemade things because I think they hold more sentimental value. I have a blanket that my friend Eve (remember her from my favourites part 1? The friend I watch all the superhero movies with) knitted for me and it is probably my most prized possession. It’s my favourite thing in the world, simply because she made it. I don’t even use it, it stays folded at the top of my cupboard, but whenever I look at it, I smile because I was so touched, and still am, at the fact that she took the time and effort to knit me that when I didn’t even ask for it. And it wasn’t a birthday or Christmas present. She just made it for me. *wipes away tear drop*

I like fairy lights. My goodness, I never used to! I thought they were too girly, but ever since I visited my friend Sanj (also mentioned in my favourites part one; the girl who ignited my love for baking) in Nottingham where she goes to university. We were just talking in her room after stuffing ourselves with food and she turned her main lights off and put her fairy lights on. Music was playing and it was one of the most relaxing moments ever, so I vowed to recreate the same experience in my room, and thus my love of fairy lights began.

That’s Thomas the bear. He was a birthday present from my friend Camila, nicknamed Marshmillo. He’s been with me, for I think, four years now? He's lovely, but doesn't say much...

I think cheesecake is my favourite dessert.

Chocolate doesn’t count as my favourite dessert because it’s just my favourite everything. My close friend Samira, who I call Sam, makes me the best oreo cheesecake and she only makes it for me.

Our mutual friends and her other friends beg her to make it for them, but she never does because it’s my cheesecake and it makes me feel so special when I get it. It tastes unbelievably good and I’m not ashamed to say I can finish more than half a tin in one sitting – and it’s a deep tin…

Sam once made me this epic cheesecake with multiple layers of oreo biscuit, digestive biscuit, oreo cream cheese, milk chocolate and caramel with crushed oreos on top. Perhaps not for those on a diet.

I like to eat. I like food. I like Nandos.

But the best way into my heart? Take me to a buffet.

I live in Sheffield at the moment whilst I’m at university. I came from London where I was born and raised and that is where my family home currently resides. I like my hometown, but I do like Sheffield.

It’s a lot quieter than London and less busy, which I like. I love living in both Sheffield and London because it’s nice to be in a busy, face-paced city sometimes, but it’s especially great because I know I can return to Sheffield, where things move a lot slower.

I study English Literature at university and I like my course. I used to study International Business and I hated that so I suppose any other course is better, but English Literature suits me because I like to read and write. Believe it or not, I detested my Creative Writing course. I took it in my first year and after the term was over, I did not return. Gosh, it was horrible. It’s because I didn’t like the teacher. We had to write poetry and she always had something negative to say if you made yours rhyme and I remember when it was my turn to present my poem to the class and she kept trying to get my classmates to say bad things about it. They never did which made me so happy and a little bit smug, but, yes, never will I return.

This just sums up my life really:

That’s it! Do you know me a little better now?

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